Saturday, 24 November 2012

Mummy blog #2; Post pregnancy fashion and beauty

For the weeks that follow having your little bundle(s) of joy your appearance will be irrelevant (and quite rightly so) as you enjoy and adapt to motherhood. 
Once however you have found your feet and settled into a routine that will all change and you might want to start focusing a little more on you. Your little one however may have other ideas so you need to learn how to look good fast, with practicality at the forefront.
 Here are my top 3 tips on post pregnancy fashion and beauty:

1: Firstly its important to remember that you are not a supermodel/singer/ actress, unless of course you 
actually are, but either way its unlikely that you will drop your baby weight in record time as some seem to, as the realists say "9 months on, 9 months off" .
 So relax and accept that it is okay to wear your "fat" clothes in the weeks and months after you give birth, the key being to jazz these up to help you feel a little less frumpy. While a skinny belt will work wonders, cinching you in and showing of that much missed waistline for me a staple of my post pregnancy wardrobe is the wedge boot/ trainer. 
Why? Well firstly I absolutely missed wearing heels while pregnant and put them straight on as soon as I could but quickly realised they were not practical for my new lifestyle which involved more walking than just tottering around the office. Plus after the broadening and flattening of your feet that happen in the later stages of pregnancy (glamorous truth alert) they weren't that comfy anymore and having not actually worn heels for some months I struggled to balance. 
The wedge was therefore an appropriate solution as while giving you the height and posture we crave from heels they are much easier and comfier to walk in. The added bonus is that they do this strange optical illusion thing that makes your calves look really slim!.When teamed with a nice dress you have the fashion you crave but the practical comfort required for any new mummy.
 Topshop, River Island, New Look and Primark have some great options in at the moment, here are my top picks 
River Island Grey lace up boots £35
Topshop Black buckle trainers £85

2: Figure out a 5 min beauty routine because gone are the days of spending hours in front of the mirror. While I am normally quite frugal with my purchases,  make up and skincare is one place you just can't scrimp on and Clinique is my go to brand. 
  A tinted moisturiser is great for hydrating and lifting tired skin and the Clinique Mouisture Surge also 
offers SPF protection - tackling three tasks in one product, bonus!
 Lip gloss and blusher in neutral tones are perfect for that glow everyone raves about and the Quick Blush  and Chubby Sticks are fast and convenient ways to achieve this. Finally finish with High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara which works wonders for opening up tired eyes. 
When it's time to take your make up off then there is no better way to end your day than with the rinse off foaming cleanser for a luxuriously fresh pamper session. The redness solutions range is perfect for masking that "glowing" patchy, blotchy skin that your pregnancy hormones bought about and if you can't do the whole cleanse, tone routine then you will be amazed at what this moisturiser can achieve when teamed with the foaming wash.
As I stated in an earlier post a fringe is essential for hiding a multitude of new mummy sins, a must!


If you want to try myths 5 min beauty essentials I recommend from Clinique see below;

3: Is quite simple;  just don't leave the house in track suit bottoms as it will just make you feel a little grim and frumpy and when it's so easy to throw on leggings and a comfy yet smart dress there is no excuse really, is there?

Mummy Loves Dress Up x

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