Sunday, 9 December 2012


This week we have been getting ready for Christmas in our house and it's fair to say "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

For me however the festivities started back in November with a plethora of Christmas coffees and cakes .....


Continuing at home with stollen; it is only Christmas once I 
have had a slice or three!

And after realising I had been spending FAR too much at Costa I decided to start making my own fancy hot chocolates, frothy, cream and all that jazz which have gone down a storm, even if my presentation is lacking!


We have also had a few visits to Winchester Xmas fair  to enjoy  some bratwurst with sourkraut and outdoor skating as well as picking up a few little stocking fillers which of course I can't show or talk about because it will spoil the surprise.


However all my big presents were bought, wrapped and sent ahead to the mother in laws back in Movember (just call me Supermum!) 

So while everyone else runs round the  shops in a mad panic  I have been able to enjoy the festive atmosphere and stock up on Christmas treats and decorations from JLP and children's craft projects at ELC. 

That said I am still finding MORE things to buy! My maternity leave and additional time seem to have made for a generous Christmas despite my new sole breadwinner status - I also went back to work this week, Boo, but I will save that rant for another post!


Then came the decorations, tree and fairy lights galore.....


including my own little craft project. Having 3 holly bushes in 

our garden is a pain during the summer months as you 

step on the dried spiked leaves but for one month of the 

year they are very useful for craft projects. 

This year I decided made a table centrepiece. 


So what about   

Well my 9 year old cottoned on early on that there is no Santa but still plays along for the extra gifts or arrangement brings.

I must be a terrible mum because I am happy to keep it that way; she has always known that the pressies are from us but that Santa leaves  his gift in her stocking. 

Two reasons really, the first being that I like her to understand that we work really hard to give her what she wants as well as needs but also because I don't like the thought of children comparing how much Santa likes them or not based on what they got.

It seems to work as she is very appreciative of everything she gets as a result.

Finally don't forget that I have teamed up with to give one lucky winner some arm candy this Christmas. 

Visit the WIN tab to try and get your hands on this little beauty.

Have a Merry Christmas one and all Mummy Loves Dress Up x


  1. the whole Santa thing is a tough one isn't it my older two are 10 and 9 and not really believrs anymore althoguh I always said that we send presents to Santa he delivers 5them.. and I still am saying that - the magic is lost if they don't believe at all

    1. That's a good idea, maybe he can start delivering for the baby. It's nice to keep the Santa dream alive, if only for the parents.0

  2. I'm impressed with your own hot chocolates, the look amazing! Beautiful tree too :)

  3. Thanks, I am considering selling them for a tax free extra income. I hear it works for Starbucks

  4. Your's is the nosiest in all the 50 Silent Sunday blogs I have visited! lol!