Thursday, 28 February 2013

Vintage Love In

Growing up in a single parent family money was very tight and new anythings
 were few and far between. My mum became very savvy at shopping around and  charity shops became a haven for a whole host of bargains. Unfortunately as a young teen I found it embarrassing and shameful and would quiet often refuse to go in, 
waiting around the corner. In hindsight I now understand her frustration and exasperation at my attitude.

That however changed in a charity shop in Kensington where I found a fuchsia pink silk dress from Harrods  for just £2; I was amazed that something I had never dreamt of owning was now so easily accessible and at a bargain price. I still, however 
remained quiet about where my "new" finds had come from through fear of ridicule by my school friends and other pupils. This was in the days (the early 90s) where 
Vintage was not cool. Even now when people think of Vintage clothing many think of specialist shops and sites selling designer goods, for me Vintage is just a fancy word for pre loved clothes regardless of where they come from.

Moving to Brighton for university I started experimenting with different looks including 
1940s tea dresses, 70s halternecks and 80s power blazers. I then encountered stores like Rokit and Trade that encouraged me  to start customising items from the bargain rails of the local charity shops.

While its fair to say that I love shopping and am always getting new things I also have
a huge love for all things Vintage and I would say about 40% of my wardrobe is Vintage. I love items that are unique and different with their own history and story and I will regularly check out Vintage sites, for me however as I have already alluded charity shops are the best untapped source. Here are my top 3 tips for getting the best out of charity shops.

1 Shop in affluent areas, especially if you are a label hound as theses stores tend to have lots of designer, well made and harder to find goodies. In Kensington I found a Louis V Epi clutch for just £25, in Wimbledon I got a Burberry jacket for £15 and in Winchester I got a custom made men's tuxedo jacket that I wear as a blazer over dresses for just £5.95 (see below).

2 Look closely at what you are buying. Look out for stains, especially in the armpits; this doesn't need explaining. Look out for stitching, especially in areas of the garment that are susceptible to pulling. Check that zips don't stick and that buttons are all present and correct. 

3 Think outside of the box; don't like the colour? Dye it. Don't like the buttons? Change them. Dress too long or short? Cut it or wear a slip! Add studs, sequins, glitter: anything to add some pizzazz and make your find that bit more special and unique.

I don't just spout this ethos, I live it. My favourite things to hunt down are blazers, bags, dresses and skirts. Here are my favs

Vintage Floral Print Blazer with Ruffled Collar and Sleeves
Worn with 
Faux Leather skater dress (H&M)
Green Faux Suede Peep Toes in pic 1  (New Look)
Black Spiked Wedge Boots in pic 2 (New Look)

Vintage Navy dress
Worn with
Red Peep Toes with bow detail (Schuh)
Leopard Print Skinny Belt (Warehouse)
Red Bag (Vintage)
Red Plastic Bow Ring (Accessorise)

Vintage Tuxedo Jacket
Worn with
Floral Skater Dress (H&M)
Bag (Mulberry)
Black Plastic Flower Ring (Store 21)
Black Plastic Necklace ( Primark)
Black Spiked Wedge Boots in pic 1 (New Look)
Black Patent Heels (New Look)

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Liebster Award

I have been really lucky to have received ANOTHER blog award nomination, this time the Liebster award from the lovely Rosy from

So what makes this award so special?

  "The Liebster Award is for bloggers with under 300 followers and the rules of the award is that the nominee must link back to whoever awarded them, write 11 random facts about themselves, answer the 11 questions from the award giver, and then nominate another 11 bloggers and make up 11 questions for them to answer. It's a great way for new and undiscovered bloggers to meet new people, get more followers and find some blogs that they want to follow."

Here goes....

11 random facts about me:

1. I am dyslexic and I hate it when people who just can't spell say they are dyslexic. Yes that's a symptom for some but its so much more than that and if you want to know more I suggest you click here;

2. I once got caught in a Monsoon in Shanghai that was so extreme that in 3 min the water was up to my knees.

3. My great grandmother won a silver medal for for Gymnastics in the Olympics for her country when it was still known as Czechoslavakia.

4. Travel is an essential part of my job and this year I will go to China, Hong Kong, India, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Paris and Lille.

5. At the age of 29 I still can't legally drive but I am taking my test ion 29th Jan, eeeek!

6. I am obsessed with rings and now have over 60!

7. I had my last exam at university on the Thursday and started my first buying job on the Monday, I was there for over 5 years.

8.  I sang on the UNISEF charity single "we are your future" when I was 11.

9. I have a hotch botch heritage of Czech, Austrian, Italian and Jamaican but only speak English and a little German.

10.  I am hyper mobile which means that as well as being able to touch my toes I can actually put my hands flat on the ground both ways, do the crab and get both legs behind my head.

11. The most played song on my iPhone is "Still" by Geto Boys.

11 Questions for me:

1. What makeup product could you not live without and why?
Now that I have a new baby it has to be concealer to hide the dark rings. I normally use Clinique products but I am trying Touché Éclat by YSL again as its so easy to use and the packaging feels very decadent.

2. What’s your favourite book and why?
This is really hard to answer because I read a LOT, in fact I am such a fast reader that I can easiely finish one in a week so it's really hard to keep track of what I have read as I tend to read anything. I guess I could say "Knowledge of Angels" by Jill Paton Walsh as I have read it numerous times and am interested in the notion of innate faith.

3. What’s your favourite clothes shop/brand?
I tend to shop a lot in Primark, New Look and River Island as that's what my budget allows but I love Mulberry for its classic, timeless, quintessentially English stylings.

4. How would you describe your clothes style?
Eclectic! I wear a lot of black but then where I wear pattern and colour it's OTT. I really love sequins and if you read a prior blog post you will know that I will wear them anywhere. 

5. What is your number one beauty tip/ piece of advice?
As per prior blog post; get a fringe. It hides wrinkly foreheads and unplucked eyebrows and makes you look younger.

6. What’s your favourite trend at the moment?
It sounds cliche but I don't tend to follow trends I wear what I like, reason being that I don't want clothes I love going out of date. That said the fact I love studs, skulls and crosses has meant I have got a lot of great stuff this winter.

7. What’s your favourite song?
Really this depends on my mood and changes regularly, today I would say that if I am amped up its "Roc Boys" by Jay Z and if I am chilled "Oh Darling" by the Beatles

8. Where would you most like to live?
Hong Kong, I love nothing more than wandering around Stanley market on a Sunday afternoon, followed by authentic Dim Sum. Just wish I got to do it more than twice a year!

9. What’s your favourite item of clothing?
It has to be the black Faux Fur coat I got from Per Una this winter as its so warm and adds instant glamour to any outfit.

10. Starter or dessert?
Dessert, always!

11. What’s your most treasured possession?
Leaving aside my family as they are not possessions my Mulberry bag, I love it as if it were my third child.

11 Blogs I’ve nominated for the Liebster Award in no particular order are:

These are such good blogs that I can't imagine you haven't already read them! A few of these ladies may already have 300+ but they still deserve your attention. Happy reading :)
Of course you should definitely check out 

She was also my nomination for another award, see earlier post.

Finally, questions for my lovely nominees:

1. Hot or Cold?
2. Fact or Fiction?
3. Walk or Drive?
4. Rom Com or Horror?
5. Night or Day?
6. Shoes or Bags?
7. Love or Lust?
8. Money or Beauty?
9. Tattoos or Piercings?
10. Tights or Leggings?
11. Heels or Flats?

Dont forget to tell us why!

Super Sweet Blogger Award

I am am both touched and honoured to have been nominated by 29yearoldmama for a Super Sweet Blogger award. I am eternally grateful for this and would like to say a BIG thanks xx

The best thing about this award is that it's for bloggers by bloggers and it's something we can all do, so here are the rules;

Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their blog (see below). Nominate other blogs for the award and let them know (it's a shame it's others as I would have totally nominated 29yearoldmama). Post the award on your blog (my badge of honour is above) Answer the 5 questions below .....
Cookies or Cake? Cake: no contest! I will literally eat ANY cake on offer.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, especially toffee crisps and maltesers and thanks to my lovely daughters this Christmas I am enjoying a lovely Hotel Chocolate goodie bag inc Salted Carmels.
Favourite Sweet Treat? Percy Pigs, Marshmallows, Haribo, Randoms : anything except wine gums will do.
When do you crave sweet things the most? Normally at about 9.30 at my desk after I have finally trawled through my emails, reviewed my diary  and made my to do list. This is when I nip down to the canteen for a Danish and Latte and damn that Costa concession for tempting me once again.
If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Jelly because at the moment I have a lot of it. Lame I know but how else can you answer this question.
My Nominees are in no particular order are; Dum, dum, dum .........
Countless Colourful Things A lovely lady from across the pond, she mixes retro stylings and modern trends in both her look and her home; both of which I love! 
Her videos are really great and she is a natural in front of the camera and highly entertaining. If you haven't done so already please check out the blog and be sure to follow on Twitter @73angi

Ro's Tinted always seems to have nice things to say and words of encouragement for all on Twitter (other#bbloggers should take note) follow her @RosyB_01 to see for yourself. 

Her blog is full of fab reviews on all manner of beauty products which is great for a  beauty novice like me.

The Pulse of Fashion was the first lady to leave a comment on my     blog means she will always  have  a special place in my blogging heart! Find her on Twitter @Jennaay_TPOF
She is also very creative and made me a customised studded jumper. The blog also includes disco pants, crucifix and a DIY studded jacket so it's a must for budding designers and novice customisers alike.

Please enjoy these blogs and don't forget that I would LOVE to hear your nominations too so be sure to tweet me once you have posted them.

I would also love to give special mention to the lovely lady who 
nominated me for a highly entertaining blog and the taking on the challenge of a 100 day spending ban:

Mummy Loves Dress Up x

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