Friday, 23 November 2012

Blogger Comp

 When I got sent an email from the lovely people at to create an outfit for under £100 I couldn't think of a better way to spend my evening. Firstly I get to live out my fav I'm a "top stylist" fantasy and secondly there's an opportunity to win £100 of vouchers to spend on your chosen site. What's not to love?

The rules are pretty simple; select a site from the  homepage and 
spend less than £100 on the perfect Xmas party outfit and furthermore you can use 
any voucher code from as long as its valid on the day that you submit your entry giving you even more bang for your buck. Then all you need to do is blog about it so here goes....

Its Christmas time and for me its all about Ssss appeal;  Sparkles and Studs for that perfect mix of sexy, sassy and sophisticated. The only option for me therefore was to head on over to

I knew that I wanted gold sequins on my dress to add that special Christmas sparkle and this gold and black bandeau dress was perfect for any sophisticated lady. 
Rather than going for the obvious choice of classic peep-toes I instead opted for these green studded boots as I love both the contrast of the green against the gold of the dress and the rocky edge of the studded design in juxtaposition to the feminine  flair of the dress. Of course the gold studs and sequins coordinate to tie the look together.

With regards to my accessories I didn't want to be too matchy, matchy so the pewter clutch bag is perfect  for a tonal contrast to the  gold of the sequins and studs whilst still sitting back well against the green of the boots. The extra studs on bag? Well I dont believe less is more.
On that note with regards to the tights I had to go all out with the suspender effect since coupled with the studs they gave me the sexy edge I was aspiring  to.

With a little change left over I opted for these high shine red nail wraps to tie in with the sassy 50s pin up hair and make up that I would wear to finish of the look.

My outfit came to the subtotal of £94.65 and since the site itself is offering 15% off with code 15NOV12 my grand total was £80.44 leaving enough change for an Xmas tipple or two.

So here it is, my perfect Xmas party outfit;

Get the look....