Hi my name is, my name is, my name is Hayley! I am a 29 year old fashion fiend from London town residing in Southampton. My fashion staples include;
peep toes, statement rings, leopard prints, sharp blazers, skinny jeans, sequins,     clashing patterns, dresses and vintage handbags.

First and foremost, however I am the proud mother of two Gorgeous girls

Poppy AKA "Pops" and Ida AKA "Ida the Spider"(we are very imaginative in our house, arent we?) And there's also "grumpy" dad who following a recent redundancy is a "kept man" or "skivy" as he might claim!



Fortunately I am passionate about my job as a retail buyer for a big blue chip and have a strong work ethic. Despite being happy to lounge in my onesie and slippers at any given time and let my "skivy" bring me tea and cake, when I do work, I work hard. 
I am also very fortunate that my job has allowed me to travel; the length and breadth of UK from Fareham to Derby and Manchester and most of South China. As well as Hong Kong, France, Italy, Germany and Finland.
 I must say once you have flown 1st class Virgin it's hard to go back, shame my wallet doesn't agree because in my personal life I am far more EasyJet.


Some interesting facts (depending on what you find interesting) I have 47 rings 
despite having only 8 fingers, I have 123 pairs of shoes despite having just 2 feet. I can't drive yet despite the fact that when I pass my test I have a brand new company car waiting for me, I once sang on a charity single for Unisef....with 200+ other kids and I have a hotch, botch heritage of Austrian, Czech, Italian, Irish and Jamaican 
descent despite being British born and bread. Oh and I am dyslexic, I have super 
dupper maths skill, a wide and varied vocabulary and an IQ in the top 5% (apparently) but sometimes I backward things read ( see what I did there). Spell check is my friend but often lets me down, today we are not talking. You will have also noticed by now that I am very (un) funny and like to use lots of unnecessary punctuation; ()!?"
And did I say that  I like to use instagram for 
the filters?


Like everyone else my blog is just about being me which hopefully isn't too boring. I started it while on maternity leave to have some semblance of adult conversation and human interaction. 

                                                       Peace Out Mummy Loves Dress Up x

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