Friday, 14 September 2012

Mummy blog #1: Dressing your bump

Knowing how to dress is a nightmare when your body is constantly changing and you cant help but feel a little worn out. Here are my top 3 tips to help you ensure you maintain your style mojo and more importantly your confidence;

1: Go bigger

While many high street retailers now offer maternity ranges these can still be quite cutesy and frumpy and who really wants to wear a baby on board t shirt? Certainly not me! Throughout my pregnancy I just bought bigger sizes of dresses I liked so that I still felt like I was on top of the latest looks and trends.
Tea dresses were great for the earlier stages of my pregnancy when I was keeping my bump under wraps at work and the shape also helped to flatter an ever increasing cleavage.


Try this ASOS Cherry print tea dress (£40)

At around 6 months you may opt to move onto smocks, shifts and tunics that should skim as opposed to cup your growing belly. Shapes like this are great because they can be dressed down with leggings for a casual look or worn with blazers for the office.


Try this dress by Mary Portas at House of Fraser (£135)

If however you do want specific maternity wear then New Look, H&M and Marks and Spencer all have great ranges.

2: At some point you will have to give up the heels

If like me you are a heels junkie then the thought of this may make you dizzy but the reality is your feet will swell and at a certain point it's just not safe or practical to keep on wearing them. However rather than go cold turkey, why not try phasing your heels out by gradually decreasing the height.


These wide fit t bar courts at from New Look (£19.99) still give enough height to make you feel good and the wide fit is perfect for accommodating pregnancy swelling and better still they come in three fabulous colours.

When your ready to move to flats find a pair you love and get them in a daring colour. I got more compliments for my sequined red "Dorothy" pumps than I ever have for any pair of shoes.

These wide fit studded slippers from New Look (£17.99) are bang on trend and also available in three colours.

3: Accessories are you saviour

You may find that you start to get bored of wearing the same few outfits in your final weeks of pregnancy but a good collection of the right accessories  will help to add variety and edge to your outfits. So pile the rings and bangles high, layer the necklaces, add a scarf and invest in some statement bags. The good thing about most accessories is that they fit no matter what size you are so are perfect for your pre, during and post pregnancy body.

undefinedTry some statement bangles like these from River Island (£13)

                                                                               Mummy Loves Dress Up x

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