Saturday, 5 January 2013

Super Sweet Blogger Award

I am am both touched and honoured to have been nominated by 29yearoldmama for a Super Sweet Blogger award. I am eternally grateful for this and would like to say a BIG thanks xx

The best thing about this award is that it's for bloggers by bloggers and it's something we can all do, so here are the rules;

Thank the blogger(s) who gave you the award and link back to their blog (see below). Nominate other blogs for the award and let them know (it's a shame it's others as I would have totally nominated 29yearoldmama). Post the award on your blog (my badge of honour is above) Answer the 5 questions below .....
Cookies or Cake? Cake: no contest! I will literally eat ANY cake on offer.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, especially toffee crisps and maltesers and thanks to my lovely daughters this Christmas I am enjoying a lovely Hotel Chocolate goodie bag inc Salted Carmels.
Favourite Sweet Treat? Percy Pigs, Marshmallows, Haribo, Randoms : anything except wine gums will do.
When do you crave sweet things the most? Normally at about 9.30 at my desk after I have finally trawled through my emails, reviewed my diary  and made my to do list. This is when I nip down to the canteen for a Danish and Latte and damn that Costa concession for tempting me once again.
If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Jelly because at the moment I have a lot of it. Lame I know but how else can you answer this question.
My Nominees are in no particular order are; Dum, dum, dum .........
Countless Colourful Things A lovely lady from across the pond, she mixes retro stylings and modern trends in both her look and her home; both of which I love! 
Her videos are really great and she is a natural in front of the camera and highly entertaining. If you haven't done so already please check out the blog and be sure to follow on Twitter @73angi

Ro's Tinted always seems to have nice things to say and words of encouragement for all on Twitter (other#bbloggers should take note) follow her @RosyB_01 to see for yourself. 

Her blog is full of fab reviews on all manner of beauty products which is great for a  beauty novice like me.

The Pulse of Fashion was the first lady to leave a comment on my     blog means she will always  have  a special place in my blogging heart! Find her on Twitter @Jennaay_TPOF
She is also very creative and made me a customised studded jumper. The blog also includes disco pants, crucifix and a DIY studded jacket so it's a must for budding designers and novice customisers alike.

Please enjoy these blogs and don't forget that I would LOVE to hear your nominations too so be sure to tweet me once you have posted them.

I would also love to give special mention to the lovely lady who 
nominated me for a highly entertaining blog and the taking on the challenge of a 100 day spending ban:

Mummy Loves Dress Up x


  1. Aw thank you so much- I'm so touched! That's really nice of you, made my day :) Rosy xx

  2. You are more than welcome glad to have bought some joy to your day!