Wednesday, 12 September 2012


'3 thats the magic number' as De La Soul once rapped, the number of children a psychic once told me I would have (2 down 1 to go) and my lucky number. Therefore it only seems fitting that my blog will focus on the power of 3, be it my top 3 buys or top 3 tips on any given subject.

So lets start with my Top 3 Hot Mamas. As a mother its great to have role models who are not just great mothers but also business women and fashion icons, having a baby does not mean the end of you, in fact it improves you. Here are 3 yummy mummys who went from strength to strength whilst growing their broods:

   #3 Nicole Richie

Apparently motherhood saved her from herself and made her a better person and its clear for us all to see.
This girl has gone from that reality star wild child who famously flashed her boobs on the runway to an immaculatley groomed mama with her own successful fashion line named after her first born, all together now awww. A true example of womanhood bought about by motherhood, tell it to your single friends.

 #2 Kourtney Kardashian

First of all this woman literally delivered her own son (if you havent seen it Google KUWTK season 4, episode 11. its A    MAZ    ING!!!)  and ever since she has been amazingly dedicated and took to motherhood with ease and confidence whilst all the time maintaining her efortless style, not to mention running stores in New York, Miami and Cali.
Most importantly she seemingly reamains cool, calm and collected at all times; a must for any new mum because if you dont have patience you are done for.

 #1 Victoria Beckham (of course)

From Spice Girl to Fashion Mogul this woman has remained a mummy first and foremost, producing 4 of the cutest, happiest kids you have ever seen in Celebsville.
As well as being a supermum and despite her famous pout she is reportardadly one of the funniest and most down to earth women you will ever meet, and lets face it you dont get where she is from being a b***h you get it through hard work and sheer dedication, lest we forget talent and respect; you dont get to NYFW on a name.
Best of all she does it in sky high heels and sprayed on clothing, without breaking a sweat! Oh and her husband is some hot footballer apparently?!?! She really is proving that you can have it all and thats why she is my #1 Hot Mama and my hero.

                                                                                            Mummy Loves Dress Up x

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